Online Church Outreach and Evangelism Plans

Complete your church's online profile by telling us and the world about your church. Upload photos, videos and pull in your other social media efforts to increase church attendance. What would it look like if your church growth increased by 20% or 30%?

To sign up, find your church and click the "sign up" button on your church's profile page.

Our featured churches bring in over 100 times the subscription cost in additional offerings by attracting new members! How does this work?

Edit basic information allowing people to find your church with an advanced search
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Stand out with greater exposure and more information about your church
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Top exposure and maximum church profile content putting you above other churches in the area
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Upload photos - a picture says 1,000 words.
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Listing Exposure
Featured listings earn top placement in search results
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Contact Info and Programs
Display your street address, phone number, website address, service times, map and directions and tell people about your programs and ministries
Denomination, Church Size, Music Style
Seekers will want to know this about your church and will search our site using this information
Display a Link to Your Website
A link to your church's website is added to your profile allowing seekers to learn more about your church
Service Times on Your Profile
Your church's service times will appear on your profile allowing church seekers to easily attend
Receive Church Seeker Contacts
Church seekers will be able to contact you through our website using a form on your profile page
Ads Removed
No ads on your church profile page
Say something unique about your church
Our Story
Tell people about the history of your church
Tell about your church's beliefs and doctrine
Seeker Contacts
Receive communication from the contact form on your profile page
Pastor Spotlight
Upload a photo and let people get to know those leading the church
Homepage Exposure
Additional listing on homepage where people in your area will find you
Upload videos of your church and productions to your church profile - a video says 10,000 words
Social Media
Display your facebook fan page, recent twitter tweets, and your linkedin page on your church profile
12 Month Subscription
Recurring charge once every 12 months